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Bio Winery Edelhof Family Wetschka Hauptplatz 6 A-7093 Jois Austria +43 664 254 83 91 wetschka@bioweingut-edelhof.at
Martin Wetschka
does the cellarage
For me organic was always the way to go. Through thoughtful work in the vineyard as well as the cellar, dynamic and distinctive wines are created, of which I am very fond.
Margit Wetschka
We love nature, enjoyment and modernity. We offer wines from organic cultivation that are a pleasure to indulge in as well as a statement for a healthy environment.
Magdalena, Theresa and Valentina Wetschka
have fun
Good food should be tasteful as well as benefit us and our environment. Organic nourishment brings pleasure and fun - everyone can enjoy it.