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Bio Winery Edelhof Family Wetschka Hauptplatz 6 A-7093 Jois Austria +43 664 254 83 91 wetschka@bioweingut-edelhof.at
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From Yard Shop
We are open our "AbHof" shop daily (MON-SUN) from 9h to 19h. We look forward to your visit! Wine delivery is also possible - orders can be placed via our webshop or by email.
All Natural
Preservation and buildup
Biological diversity in the vineyard is the foundation on which healthy grapes thrive. We support flora and fauna, to secure this multifariousness. We strengthen our vines, to support their resilience against fungi and other pests. Fertilizing with compost ensures a natural equilibrium in the vineyard as well as the growth of our plants. Additionally the Moon and the elements operate in conjunction the make ecological viticulture more than just omitting chemicals.
Organic Flair
Sensible inclusion of the senses
The vineyard as a habitat - envepoled by valuable greening plants and herbs. Weeds offer a living space for soil bound and beneficial organisms. The deep reaching roots loosen up the terra firma and construct a basis for vines to flourish on. Healthy and robust grapes, which endow wine full of character, only bloom on animated soil.
Soft warmth nourishes our soil. The region Burgenland offers everything grapes crave: ranges of hills, fertile soils and an exceptionally mild climate.